Finding the best electricity prices for your business has never been easier

Working with a large number of reputable electricity suppliers we are able to get you the best prices in the market and save money against your renewal quotes.  So, why not ask us for a quote and within no time at all you will be able to compare the best tariffs available to your business.

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Time2Switch will provide the best and most competitive prices within hours that will show the best quotes from over 27 suppliers

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Decide which energy quote is best for your business and we will help make it happen either over the phone or online.

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Save money against your renewal prices and join the many Time2Switch customers who have saved thousands on their energy bills.

Save money on your business energy

The price of energy is extremely volatile at the moment and there is no straight forward answer or miracle to how your business can mitigate against it.  At Time2Switch we do look at different solutions leveraging our expertise in renewable energy specifically solar as well as leveraging the best rates possible in the industry.


Our current advice is to leverage lower term contracts while the market stabilises to a more acceptable level.  While this means your business will take more of a hit in the short term in the long term this should save your business thousands of pounds in energy bills.


Working with Time2Switch will guarantee a partner looking after your long term interests and trying to ensure your energy costs do not become your biggest expenditure.

What affects your electricity quote

There are many factors that influence the quote you receive from our energy suppliers, here are just a few of those:


  • The size of your company, whether it is an Micro, SME, Large or Corporate.
  • The type of energy meter you have installed at your premises
  • Your current energy consumption
  • Where in the country your business operates in
  • The type of industry you operate in

Additional things that you can do

This may seem straight forward and simple but do not underestimate the difference it can make to your energy usage:


  • Switch to LED light bulbs
  • Turn off lights and equipment when they are not in use
  • Do not leave equipment on standby
  • Dont ignore energy efficient equipment it is A+++ for a reason
  • Insulation
  • Keep an eye on how much hot water is boiled throughout the day


It is worthwhile to perform an energy audit and depending on your company size invest in energy management software.  At Time2Switch we can help you with all aspects of energy efficiency not just helping you switch supplier.

Work with Time2Switch to lower your electricity prices

While we do our best to get the cheapest rates possible for your business, the extreme increases we have seen recently means the cost of energy has risen over 100% which puts every business under the enormous pressure.  At Time2Switch we want to work with you to reduce your energy consumption and are able to provide quotes for solar and also provide a lighting survey to reduce your reliance on the grid.