Latest Gas Prices 2023

Latest Gas Prices 2023

Current Gas Prices

It has been a very volatile year in terms of business gas prices where we have seen some significant highs.  Luckily the prices are dropping although compared to some contracts that  haven’t had a renewal in a few years it could still come as a bit of a shock.  There is also a massive jump from contract prices to deemed rates so please be wary when it is coming to renewal time.


At Time2Switch we do try to keep that to a minimum but are always at the mercy of the wholesale and industry pricing.


Within this guide we will provide an indication of the prices available based on your business size.  It is an indication only as every business is different, type of meter, region, usage will all impact the actual rates available.

Latest Gas Prices

Gas prices remain quote inconsistent, unlike their electricity counterparts which have been steadily reducing in-line with market prices gas seems to still be more volatile week to week.  We have seen this week the joys of standing charges becoming relevant to available pricing.  In the example pricing below for a large business the price of 8.6p per kWh isnt actually the cheapest rate but when taking into account the standing charge it was over £500 a year cheaper than its competitors who were stinging customers with a high daily charge.


The wholesale market for gas has decreased again this week but colder weather is expected so expect the prices to go up again in-line with expected usage.

  • Micro Business (15,000 kWh)
    • 10.19p per kWh
      • Standing Charge: 25p per day
      • Annual: £1,619 per annum
      • Current Supplier: Smartest Energy
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  • Small Business (30,000 kWh)
    • 7.296p per kWh
      • Standing Charge £1.7291 per day
      • Annual: £2,819 per annum
      • Current Supplier: Yu Energy
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  • Medium Business (65,000 kWh)
    • 7.472p Annual
      • Standing Charge £3.2114 per day
      • Annual: £6,028 per annum
      • Current Supplier: Yu Energy
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  • Large Business (100,000 kWh)
    • 8.6p per KWh
      • Standing Charge 56p per day
      • Annual: £8,804 per annum
      • Current Supplier: EDF
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DateTypeSupplierStanding ChargeRateAnnual Cost
21/04/2023Micro BusinessSmartest energy gas and electricity supplier - compare business energy£0.2500£0.10190£1,619.75
21/04/2023Small Business£1.7291£0.07296£2,819.93
21/04/2023Medium Business£3.2114£0.07472£6,028.98
21/04/2023Large Business
EDF gas and electricity supplier - compare business energy

EDF gas and electricity supplier - compare business energy


How much gas does an average business use?

Unlike electricity rates, commercial gas rates are a little simpler to understand and there is a general correlation between how much you use and the amount you pay.  So, the more gas you use as a business, the cheaper the rate tends to be.


However, the standing charge does tend to be higher if your business uses more gas but this is a small amount of the overall cost.

Business TypeLow end usage (kWh)High end usage (kWh)Gas usage used in Comparison (kWh)
Micro Business5,00015,00015,000
Small Business15,00030,00030,000
Medium Business30,00065,00065,000
Large Business>65,000100,000

In our comparison prices above, we have kept it as simple as possible.  The average business in these examples are:

  • In the Professional and Business service category
  • Are located in the North West (it is where Time2Switch is based so why not)
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