Green Projects

Covering everything green such as EV Charging Stations, Solar Installations, Wind Turbines and Solar Farms, let Time2Switch kick off your green journey.

Energy and Water Procurement

Keeping with the Time2Switch ethos, we are able to bring you the best energy and water costs direct to you. Allowing your company to start saving as soon as possible.

Merchant Services

Whether you are looking to switch from your current card payment provider or are new to card payments, we have a large range of payment solutions for any business type.

Infrastructure Works

From utility meter connections to gas pipe diversions and alterations, Time2Switch is the simplest way to make sure any project is completed on time and in full. We offer top-quality utility services at competitive prices to meet your needs, no matter how large or small your project requirement

Understand who we are and how Time2Switch came about

Read about our team, our ethos and how we are looking to change the face of the broker world.  We are so much more than an energy brokerage and are looking to drive value in every aspect of your business.

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Bureau Services

Our clients see us as a mini energy department, not only do we assist with the procurement of energy, our account managers can also help resolve client’s queries and problems. We manage everything from billing disputes to Change of Tenancy (COT) on your behalf. Our ethos is to remove the burden, time and headaches of energy admin. This service is tailored to each individual business and include the following areas:

Energy bills can be extremely complicated and companies very often paying more than expected.  These charges may be valid however a lot of errors do occur.  At Time2Switch we will review your energy charges and ensure that what you are paying matches the agreed supplier charges.


The types of things that are checked:

  • All unit rates and charges
  • All published rates and charges e.g. DUoS
  • Transportation charges (gas)
  • Accuracy of billing dates
  • Missing invoices
  • VAT, CCL etc.

Moving in or out of a premise comes with several pitfalls when it comes to your energy contracts, not following the right process can lead to excessive charges.


Time2Switch will help you through the process and avoid the many pitfalls that you can encounter.

Meter faults are rate but do occur and can lead to excessive bills.  It is the responsibility of your supplier to resolve the issue and make sure your meter is working correctly.


At Time2Switch we will help in this process to make sure your charges are kept to the level of energy consumed.

Missing invoices could lead to large back bills being sent from your supplier at a late date.  It is important to understand your rights when it comes to this and at Time2Switch we can help you in this matter.

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